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The Pelizza-Majorana mystery
disclosed to academic world
during international scientific
congress in California

The scholars Franco Alessandrini, engineer and university teacher, and Roberta Rio, Austrian historian, took part at the congress “The Science of Consciousness” June 5-10, 2017 in San Diego, with the report “Third Millennium Physics – The bridge between science and the Beyond”. Revealed the secrets of the machine “which annihilates the matter, creates energy, transmutes metals and transfers objects and human beings in other dimensions”

by Rino Di Stefano

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(, Published on Saturday, July 1, 2017)

The San Diego Congress logoThe international academic world is starting to ask questions about the incredible story by Rolando Pelizza about life and scientific discoveries of the Italian scientist Ettore Majorana, chair of Physics in the University of Naples, after his mysterious disappearance in 1938. To introduce to America public what has been called The Third Millennium Physics have been Francesco Alessandrini, engineer and teacher of geotechnical subjects at the University of Udine (Italy), and Roberta Rio, Austrian historian of Italian origins, specialized in Paleography, Archival Science and Diplomacy, member of the Germany Historians Association. The public presentation of the Pelizza-Majorana story has been made during the world congress “The Science of Consciousness” in San Diego, California, last June from 5th to 10th. The report “Third Millennium Physics – The bridge between science and Beyond” has been presented by Mr. Alessandrini in the afternoon of Thursday, June 7, during the C15 session “Consciousness and Model of Reality”.  At the same time, Rio and Alessandrini self-published in Italian and English languages (Ilmiolibro Self-Publishing) the book “The Machine – The bridge between science and the Beyond”.
But what’s so unusual about the presentation of that report in the scientific world congress of San Diego and the publication of that book? The answer is easy: for the first time two University scholars spoke in a world congress about the Rolando Pelizza story and the famous machine (which he says has been planned by Ettore Majorana). A machine that could annihilate matter creating free energy, and much more. Besides that report has been published in the international scientific website ACADEMIA.EDU, which is counting more than 53 million academics all over the world. The engineer Francesco AlessandriniThe historian Dr. Roberta RioThis number could be enough to explain how this news has been spread worldwide. Besides, this event is important because in Italy, in spite of documents, pictures, expert’s reports and evidences about the existence and the plan of action of that famous machine, the official science is deliberately unaware of the Rolando Pelizza’s story and it doesn’t care about any hypothesis that, actually, Ettore Majorana could really hide inside a seclusion monastery that March 27, 1938, just after disembarkation in the Naples’s harbor from the Tirrenia ferryboat coming from Palermo. In the same way, twenty years later, in 1958, Majorana could have met by chance the young Rolando Pelizza, made him his follower, by teaching him elements of a new and revolutionary physics. That same physics which in the Seventies would become a machine able to make operations that, as far as we know, appeared to be just fantastic. Of course, we must use the conditional mood since we don’t have any official or judicial act proving that presumed reality. Anyway, it’s true that we know the existence of a lot of proofs and circumstantial evidences to think that maybe somebody doesn’t like this story should come up. Nevertheless, just restrict ourselves to take note of what there is into report presented in San Diego. It must be clear that report is only in short the Rio-Alessandrini’s book, where you can find an in-depth message to the world, by the scientific California congress.
Even from the same title, Third Millennium Physics, it’s quite clear that both authors presented an alternate report compared with reality. And it’s not a wrong introduction since, as Rio and Alessandrini explain, “From the silence of a monastery where he voluntarily enclosed himself for many years, the enlightened mind of Ettore Majorana produced a new mathematics and a new physics which foster a historic leap in human knowledge.
Here we quote his theory and some salient aspects of the construction of a machine, realized by Rolando Pelizza, which have demonstrated how exact and real the hypotheses of Ettore were.
The world now has magnificent new possibilities: it can annihilate matter, produce infinite energy at practically no cost, transmute matter and transfer it to other dimensions.
The English edition cover of the book, entitled "The Machine"But this knowledge, which we call Third Millennium Physics, will not immediately be available to humanity … first it is necessary to go through a process of gradually acquiring consciousness and change in human attitudes”.
With this introduction, which completely support the Rolando Pelizza’s story about Ettore Majorana, Rio and Alessandrini prepare their readers about what so amazing they are going to say.
According the two authors, the great innovation coming from the Majorana’s science is the new interpretation of the matter laws. But above all, it is physics that “makes peace” between Science and Spirituality, filling the great gap that modern man, stupidly created between the two fundamental ways humans have of perceiving reality. Science has finally accessed comprehension of that which is Beyond the physical world which it is used to considering; to penetrate to where the real “organisational and decision-making center” of life in Matter is located”.
This place, the authors say, has very little to do with the physical dimension we are used to, because it would be always hidden to our entirely rational world. But what Majorana would discovered?  “A magnificent knowledge and at the same time infinitely simple - Rolando says,  and then he added: “Today we are spending enormous sums of money on particle accelerators and nuclear fusion research; all are attempts to extract the great energy enclosed within the atom by extreme violence”.
It seems that Ettore’s physics follows another path, “… the path of comprehension and non-violence”, to say it Gandhi’s way.
“Ettore touched the “intimacy” of Matter – we can read in the report -; and at this level of relationship, Matter, if appropriately and calmly ‘indulged’ is able to give all of itself”.
Speaking about scientific details, Rio and Alessandrini explain what so far we know about the great scientist disappeared mind. “Ettore’s main knowledge is described in the ‘General Theory of Exponents’ in which ‘all the laws of nature are symmetric regarding two directions of time and all the phenomena of the universe are made up of spherical waves, which, for said symmetry, can be not only divergent (entropic phenomena) like those generally observed, but also convergent (syntropic phenomena)’.
In practice one recognizes that the world does not only function in an entropic manner, in other words, only in a growth of disorder as asserted by the second principle of thermodynamics, but also in a syntropic manner, in other words, a growth of order. Syntropy is introduced here, not as an arbitrary hypothesis, but as a logical consequence necessary to quantum structure (quantum mechanics) and relativity (Einstein’s relativity) of the universe. Following this, chance and finalism are brought on to the same logical plain, “just as there are two solutions to a quadratic equation”.
All that, according to Rio and Alessandrini, would come to a new way, completely different compared with the present one, to see science and reality.
The sequence of transmutation of foam rubber (PVC foam) cubes into gold.“Ettore achieved the formulation of a unitary theory where physical and biological phenomena were reunited, thus introducing finalism to science. A different mathematical approach to the classical one is significant in this theory; it must be understood that natural mathematical order is not that based on decimal numbers created by human reason, but is subject to other bases, such as, for example, in some cases, to atomic operation on a base of eight (octal numeral system)”.
The report says that, following the supposed Majorana’s thinking, just after the Universe creation there were eleven dimensions and during the Big Bang seven space dimensions “rolled up”, leaving the four we know extended: three by space, one by time. Anyhow, “the seven hidden dimensions having an absolutely fundamental influence on the functioning of the other four, so much so, that if one does not consider and know these hidden dimensions, the operations of the other 4 can only be partially and inaccurately knowable”.
In short, Majorana could understand, by mathematical way, the presence of this reality hidden by our view. In other words: “Ettore’s theory studies a subset able to bring about a complete “scientific” knowledge of that which some “dimensions” show, or that which we call Matter and Beyond Matter”.
The conclusion is: “All this knowledge has been achieved because at the base of our Creation there is a geometrical framework that can be described in a mathematical way!”.
The amazing way is this fantastic theory assumes unbelievable real aspects when this “theory ratifies by experimentation” becomes the famous machine which Pelizza should have built under the guidance of Majorana. Only a little parenthesis before going on in the exposition of the scientific report which has been promoted worldwide. The machine we are talking about, it was a real and concrete fact between the Seventies and Eighties. No doubt about it. In the same way it’s absolutely sure that Italian, American and Belgian governments were involved in that technology history. We have a lot of documents about what happened at that time. The problem is now: as a matter of fact, no one know if that machine is still existing and, in case, the place where has been hidden and what kind of interest is moving around it. Let’s see now how that incredible machine should be working, since this is the first time that a full explanation has been explained to the academic world and the public. First of all the machine would perform in six different ways, but up to today only the first four have been completed. The first stage is expecting the controlled elimination of the matter: “Rolando’s machine can liberate antimatter in an organized form. It projects identical and opposite particles at the matter under examination, ‘cancelling it’ thus producing annihilation.
Rolando is able to stimulate selective annihilation, that is he can decide which material to annul, also when a ray travels through different materials, also places in front of the material itself. In addition the antiparticles can mix, in order to annihilate anything, also if the things are made of different materials”.
If you like, you can find in my personal website the links to see the machine working in 1976. Anyhow, you don’t need to much imagination just to understand the wartime use of that technology: the perfect weapon.
Let’s see now the second stage, the energy production. ”In this phase Rolando’s machine is predisposed to slow down the spin of the particles in the material under examination.
Pelizza putting the golden cube on the balanceSuch a slowing down induces a kind of internal attrition in the material, a bit like what happens when brakes slow the wheels of your bicycle, the evident effect of which is heating. Calibrating the slowing well, the material so treated can be brought to a temperature inferior to that which would make it melt, let’s say in the order of 40% of that of fusion or boiling, to remain sufficiently distant from fusion itself, which would make the material vanish.
The particularity is that one can have a hot object, at always the same temperature – the oscillations measured are minimal – but that it does not further heat up, even if the heat is not absorbed from outside.
If the heat, on the other hand, is absorbed – for example by a system of water circulation around the heated material – the object will continue to stay at the same temperature while hot water of several hundred degrees is made available to produce energy. Imagine it: unlimited energy, without the consumption of raw materials, at a cost of practically nothing!? “.
Can you imagine how many people could be interested in using that stage? In spite of all that, we are still quite far to be very astonished. Let’s go to the third stage: the transmutation. In other words, just turning one material into another, changing the electrons number.  The description made by Rio and Alessandrini is very clear about it: “In this phase, the results of which were achieved in 1992, a volume of material is taken, for example a block of polystyrene and transformed, still maintaining the form and the volume almost completely … into gold. Here we will leave you to imagine what this phase could make possible; we only assure you that this possibility could bring about solutions to many of the problems the world is currently debating.
Since we are aware that the story we are telling you could give rise to a certain scepticism, we will show you a sequence of still shots (figure 3) taken by a film camera the moment a block of foam rubber was transmuted into gold. The complete sequence of transmutation took place in only 25 hundredths of a second”.
In this case you need an additional explanation. The frames the two authors are talking about, took part of a personal movie made by Rolando in October 1992 when he was inside a garage near Barcelona, in Spain. During that shot, Rolando was filming himself while transmuting dozens of foam rubber cubes in pure gold. That video is lasting 103 minutes, it was made in two days, and you can see that incredible man with his personal gold reserve: 125 cubes of The stack of Pelizza gold cubes100% gold weight, about 65 kilos each. In total 8 tons and 125 kilos of 100% gold,  a purity non-existent in nature. Just to understand the value, in 2007 a gram of gold values about 18,35 euros. So we are talking about 150 million euros of that time. Today instead a gram of gold cost about 35,45 euros, so the same gold value 288 million euros.Pelizza could be the more rich man in the world with that production. But something happened. Pelizza says that no more specified “Americans” got that treasure at 50% of the real value. All the gold cubes were officially delivered at the end of June 2007, with the presence of a woman judge and the operation has been put on record. There was only one problem: the payment for that gold has never been done. There is something more. The Pelizza’s video movie was travelling a lot since that day. We know for sure that some copies were in Switzerland, in Russia and in some other place in the world. Roberto Giacobbo, host of Voyager, the national television program on the Italian TV network RAI2, got one copy. In the program broadcasted on August 1, 2016, Giacobbo showed very quickly the final frame of the transmutation of a foam rubber into gold. Maybe in the near future there will be another television program with a new interview to Pelizza.
Now we’ll see the most astonishing stage of the machine, the fourth one: the dimensional transfer. “With the machine it is possible to transfer people and objects into other dimensions, in time and space, and possibly take them back to the original point of departure. This means, for example, making something disappear from the physical world and taking it to an invisible dimension. But it also means rejuvenating a body by ten, twenty, thirty or seventy years, maintaining intact the entire package of knowledge and memories: in short, once we get old, we could have our youthful bodiesback, keeping all the memories of our experiences and the knowledge of an entire lifetime”.
In other words, this explanation means that a very old person could go back to his or her youth, keeping the same look of those years. At this purpose, just read what Rio and Alessandrini wrote (page 91) in their book: “The years went by. With the approaching date, a first final experiment was carried out in the monastery where Ettore lived. They were going to rejuvenate a little dog, now old and dying which was very dear to the monks of the monastery. During the course of the dog’s life, the monks had taught it to jump through hoops, something absolutely not in the nature of the animal. Using the machine they took it back to about one year of age. The extraordinary thing is that immediately after the experiment the little dog started to jump through the hoops. This fact threw light on one of the doubts they had that was still open –whether or not after rejuvenation of the physical Pelizza while putting one of the gold cubes on the stackbody, the memory and personality of the being before the experiment would be preserved. Seeing the little dog merrily jumping through the ring was proof that convinced them that everything was ready and they could take the next step. Rolando remembers with great elation the moment after the experiment, in which he and Ettore started playing with the animal, now young and lively. But he also remembers the efficiency of American espionage: in fact sometime after he was shown a satellite photo where he and Ettore could clearly be seen playing with the rejuvenated little dog”.
At this point it’s quite obvious to ask if the old Majorana has or not used his own machine to get young himself. Pelizza doesn’t say a word about that, and anyhow, at least for now, we don’t have any documentation at this regard.
By finishing their report for the world people, Rio and Alessandrini admit how much is hard to believe in what they wrote. “We are aware that what we have presented is absolutely incredible.
We, too, were initially decidedly skeptical, but then, gradually, the evidence of the facts forced us to admit that everything we have told you is true and actually put to the test.
We are facing a colossal advance in knowledge, a veritable quantum leap, as they say today, without actually knowing what “quantum” means.
This great discovery has, however, also great limits, as all knowledge coming down to mankind: it can be used for the good of humanity or to its detriment. We are up against something that can save a planet now on the verge of collapse or destroy it in a few moves.
It all depends into whose hands this knowledge falls.
Ettore and Rolando have always been strictly against evil uses, making their own lives far from easy and in open conflict with whoever wanted to make a weapon of it. We hope that this machine will be used by the public as soon as possible, operated exclusively by people dedicated to the good of the world”.
What about Pelizza? At present the old man in his way for the eightieth birthday, is alone and without money. He survives only for the help of some good friend. First of all he doesn’t have the machine anymore and can’t go on with his loved experiments. Nevertheless, he is still knocking at his debtor’s doors just to get the money for his 125 gold cubes. Many times they promised to pay, but he says never saw a single euro. The onlysatisfaction he got it’s regarding the interest of two of the major Italian Universities about his very peculiar story. Now they are involved in studying the mysterious technology. It’s not too much, but it’s always a good start just to give a scientific and rational explanation to one of the greatest mystery of the XX Century.
Majorana and Pelizza while walking in the park on August 5, 1996Meantime, feeling disheartened for all inaccuracy news wrote about himself, at last Pelizza decided to come out into the open publishing his own website where he tells all his life with photos, videos, documents and expert’s reports ( Many of these ones are hot piece of news. For instance, the video where you can see Pelizza and Majorana walking in the park in 1996. There are also several experiments made by the machine. All the letters have been expertised by Dr. Chantal Sala, graphologist specialized in the forensic field; pictures and video, instead, have been assessed by engineer Michele Vitiello, owner of the Studio Ingegneria Informatica Forense. Maybe the most astonishing thing of the all content is the foreword title: “It’s with big sadness that we are publishing this site’s content”. As a matter of fact, Pelizza explains that, notwithstanding all his efforts to make the new technology well known to the public, and to give it freely to the Italian State for the wellbeing of the nation and the world, he just fail down because of the very complicated power games he was involved. That’s way his sadness. Now, he fell very tired about fighting. So he revealed his own old secrets and retired from public life, by admitting his defeat. The truth is quite clear: it’s not enough wishing to change the world, even if we know the need for it. Somebody, and maybe it’s not so hard to imagine who could be, wish that all stay as it is, machine or not machine. With the blessing of any possible genius who, like Majorana, once in a while peeps into this little and restless Earth.

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Article edited by Francesco Alessandrini and Roberta Rio
for the presentation at
The Science of Consciousness (TSC) 2017
in San Diego - CA
June 2017

© 2017 Francesco Alessandrini and Roberta Rio


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